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About Me

I live in Southern Indiana with my husband, Bruce, and two of our four children.  We have an older daughter who is married, and a son serving in the US Navy.  We like to eat good food, travel, listen to good music, and enjoy Saturday morning’s with our dog Toby.  I am an avid reader, like to exercise, journal, write, create, and enjoy the outdoors.

I served as the Executive Director of a nonprofit for 7 years where I counseled, mentored and coached people in the community.  I was blessed beyond measure to have served people in our community.  During my time counseling I was able to help men and women with many issues and from many different backgrounds.  I listened to stories of pain and suffering and provided them with help and hope.

My life has been a  wonderful and challenging journey.  I want to continue to give hope and help others traveling on their journey.  This blog is my attempt to do that.  I hope that you are blessed by it.

How Enroute Started

In January of 2015 it was time for me to step away from serving as the director of a nonprofit and begin a career transition that would help my husband and I achieve our new goals as we face mid-life and an empty nest.  After serving the community on a daily basis I began missing helping people.  I started this blog in hopes of helping others in the real struggles of everyday life.  Here I want to share real life stories that I hope will help you in your journey.  Life is hard.  Let’s share it together.

Marcy Pedersen