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About Me

I live in Southern Indiana with my husband, Bruce, and two of our four children.  We have an older daughter who is married, and a son serving in the US Navy.  We like to eat good food, travel, listen to good music, and enjoy Saturday morning’s with our dog Toby.  I am an avid reader, like to exercise, journal, write, create, and enjoy the outdoors.

My career has included sales, administration, nonprofit start-up, nonprofit management, and writing.  I completed a bachelor degree in Human Resource Development, and am completing a master’s degree in Christian counseling, and a certificate in life coaching.  I have also completed studies at the Institute for Nouthetic Studies.

I was blessed to have served as the Executive Director of a pregnancy center for 7 years.  While there I counseled, mentored and coached women.  During my time at the center I started a nonprofit thrift store, transitioned the organization to a medical clinic, moved and grew the organization three times, and added on two new fundraising events.

Life in full time ministry was a blessing, challenge, and a crucible of change in my life.  I was blessed beyond measure to have served women in our community.  During my time counseling I was able to help men and women, with many issues, and from many different backgrounds.  I listened to stories of pain, and suffering, and provided them with hope and help from God’s Word.

My life with God has been wonderful, challenging, and full of surprises.  It’s a journey, a journey towards an eternal destination.  I want to continue to give hope, and help others traveling on their journey, enroute to their heavenly destination.  This blog is my attempt to do that.  I hope that you are blessed by it.

How Enroute Started

In January of 2015 it was time for me to step away from serving as the director of the pregnancy center, and begin a career transition that would help my husband, and I achieve our new goals, as we face mid-life, and an empty nest.

The transition away from full time ministry, and finding a new career has been challenging.  About six months into it I began to miss serving others, and helping them.  After spending some time in prayer I decided to start this blog.  In the short time I have started this blog it has already changed several times.  It has changed, as I change.

Recently God said, Marcy, tell them the stories.  The stories of my faithfulness.  I am going to do exactly that.  Help them and encourage them as they go along their journey, and support others who are in ministry like you were, and are.

Enroute, as it is today, is my attempt to be obedient to that call.  I pray that you are helped, and God is glorified.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Marcy Pedersen