My Story, Why I Started this Blog. A story of God’s faithfulness.

In the summer of 2014 God made it clear to me that I was supposed to leave the Christian para-church ministry that I had lead for seven years.  This came right after my husband announced that he wasn’t going to stay at his well-paying job until retirement.  He could no longer stand his current position and felt that since the kids were starting to leave home he could consider changing jobs.  I knew that this meant that I was going to have to make some life and career changes.

In 2015 I left that ministry and started a career change amidst a lot of life changes.  I thought God would take me to another ministry or nonprofit where I could continue to lead and serve, but the path He has taken me on has been much different.  My heart was broken when I left that ministry because God gave me a passion to help others.  There I was able to get up every day and live out that passion until God asked me to leave.

During my seven years in that ministry I fell in love with counseling, coaching, teaching, and helping others.  I loved it so much in fact that I went back to school and got a MA in Christian counseling, certificate in Nouthetic Counseling and trained in biblical counseling.  I have also been privileged to write Christian articles for our local newspaper for over eight years and increased my writing skills when I wrote plenty of academic papers when completing my MBA in 2018.

Why this blog?

I promised God when I became the Executive Director of that ministry that I would leave the ministry as soon as I had served God’s purpose for me there.  I never wanted to become a problem to the ministry.  I loved it too much.  So when God said leave I did, but my heart was broken as I desperately missed helping the women there.  I missed teaching and mentoring volunteers and helping people through biblical counseling.  I began to wonder if God would ever use my education and skills again and longed for Him to lead me into a new ministry.

In 2016 I started this blog as a way to continue to help others.  I have been on a crazy life and career journey since then and my faith has been on a windy roller coaster, but it always lands back on God.  God made me to help others, giving them hope and clear help from His Word.  I started this blog in hopes that God will continue to use me to help others and to glorify Him. 

About Me

I have attended church my entire life, walked several church aisles, and was baptized a few times before actually being saved.  I encountered Jesus when I was 28 years old and thought I was already a Christian.  From that moment on I was truly a changed person and almost 22 years later I am still growing and changing. 

The fact that God saved me and actually used me to lead a women’s para-church ministry will forever shock me.  You see I was the prodigal that mom’s pray for.  I loved my sin.  I was passionate about it.  I loved my drinking, partying, clubbing, drugging, and sex filled days.  I loved doing what I wanted and doing a lot of it.  I loved myself because I knew so much and felt that I had the power to conquer the world.  Then God saved me?

How could God use a wretch like me to lead a ministry?  When God called me to serve Him in that way I was completely humbled.  I deserved death.  Not to lead others to Christ.  I deserved the back seat of the church not the lead of a ministry.  God is good and His ways are mysterious.

During my seven years at that ministry I was given the honor of helping the lowly of the lowly.  I was able to help prostitutes, pregnant drug addicted moms, women who were abused, the homeless, the hurting, and the lost.  I was able to get into the nitty gritty of people’s live and get into some very real issues like pornography, addiction, bitterness, affairs, depression, marital problems, and I just hate God kind of problems.  I was able to love those who others didn’t want to love.  God is good and His ways are mysterious.

I am the mother of four children and have been married for almost 30 years.  My husband and I were not saved when we were married though I was later.  I am an avid reader, love to exercise, go on adventures, travel, and enjoy good food.  I have studied early Christian authors to learn how to get through trials and suffering.  I hope that I can provide others help as they go through trials and suffering in their lives.

What’s in store for the future?

 My goal is to update and post new content twice a week.  I am currently working on an EBook called 50/50 about living with an unsaved spouse.  By the end of 2019, God willing, I hope to have a podcast with practical and daily encouragement and support for Christians.  I am finishing work on a website that will offer life coaching and hope to use that to help others on a more personal basis.

I don’t know what God has in store for my life, but I pray that He continues to use me for His glory.  I pray He uses this blog to help others find hope and encouragement and practical help.  I truly believe that God’s Word can provide us with practical help as we navigate the challenges of life. 

Thank you for reading this post and clicking through this blog. I hope that you will subscribe to Enroute and follow this blog on social media.

Marcy Pedersen


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