Welcome to Enroute

Welcome to Enroute!

Enroute is a blog for Christians on the journey of faith, obedience, and love (FOL).  Because isn’t that what the journey of faith is.  A journey of living out our faith, being obedient to God, and loving others.  I am Marcy Pedersen and I started this blog as a way to help others through their Christian journey.  I want to use my experience and education in counseling and as a mother, wife, and believer to help others overcome challenges and persevere in the life that God has for them.  The journey of faith is messy and I want to help you through it.

I served as the Executive Director of a women’s community para-church ministry for seven years.  There I was given the privilege of mentoring, coaching, teaching, and counseling women in our community.  God used me to lead the ministry and transform it into what He wanted so that we could serve others and meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  After seven years God asked me to leave that ministry and start down a new path for life.  God made me to help others and I started this blog as I journey down my new path so that I continue to do that.

This blog will focus on the challenges and problems that arise in parenting and marriage.  I will also provide help for persevering through trials and suffering and how to live out our daily ministry.  One thing that I learned when I was in full-time ministry is that people in need don’t need help once a week.  They need help every day.  God equipped us to minister daily to our family, friends, co-workers, and those who come into our lives.  I want to help you accomplish that.  A daily ministry is key to changing lives.

I intend to publish new content twice a week.  I also post daily on Instagram so check out my page for daily encouragement.  Please sign up for my newsletter (will be available soon).  I want to use this to send encouragement and support directly to you and hope that I can use it as a tool to get your feedback about how I am doing and what support you need to get through the journey of faith.

Thank you for visiting Enroute.  I pray that God uses this blog to help you through your journey of faith, 

Marcy Pedersen


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