How Christians can overcome fear so that they can live a remarkable life.

Fear permeates our lives.  It can paralyze us.  It comes in many forms and can become so engrained in our lives that we don’t even realize it’s there.  The affects can be devastating.  Fear can keep us from living a pretty amazing life.

Fear looks at a situation and panics.  It asks the question, what will happen and quickly answers:

  • They will get hurt.
  • I will die.
  • I might fail.
  • I won’t get to see them.
  • I won’t have control.
  • There will be trouble.

In a panic state we believe the lie.  We believe it so much in fact that it prevents us from acting and living our lives.  We may do some things, but stop short.  We may try a little, or let go a little, but we won’t let go all the way.  The thought of the possible consequences are too overwhelming so we hold back.

One way to overcome fear is to extract the lie from the truth.   Here is a technique that you can use.

  1. Write down your fears.  Be honest.  I fear?  Write it down.  If you aren’t sure look at what makes you anxious.  That should tell you.
  2. Analyze that fear and write down facts about it.  It seems like a silly activity, but try it.  It’s a step that means you are getting serious about changing your life.
  3. Identify the lies and compare them to truth.  First we need a strong spiritual base to work off of.  We need a decent understanding of who God is and what He can do.  So compare the lies to His promises & real life facts.
    • Never will I leave you or forsake you.
    • I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.
    • Even if the fear were to come true God will make a way of escape.
    • Compare what you fear to reality.  Kayaking down a river is scary if you don’t know what you are doing, but what if you learn how to do it.

Combine the truth of God’s Word with facts and you will be prepared to tackle anything!  Trust God as you do it or as you trust your children to do it.  Even if what you fear happens God will be with you.  Fear cannot not anticipate the grace and strength of God when we need Him.

When you are faced with fear you can begin to rehearse the truth about that situation to yourself.  This will include facts and God’s Word.  Let’s think about the life we want to live.  God’s Word provides guidelines as to the life we are to live, but does not get into specifics.  We want to be careful not to limit our lives because God doesn’t outline a very specific plan for our lives.

God says trust Him, pray diligently, and follow His commands.  He doesn’t say don’t kayak down that raging river, move to a new country,  try a new job, go back to school, or start a business.  Let’s be sure we aren’t living a mediocre life because we are Christians using God’s Word as an excuse to live morbid lives.

“If you want a simple life that’s a beautiful thing.  If you want to use it as an excuse to live beneath your God given capacity that is negligence”

Erwin McManus

We don’t want to overcome fear so that we can live beneath what God has for us.  We don’t want to overcome fear so that we can live someone else’s idea of what life should be like. We want to overcome fear because it pleases God and because He has something much greater planned for us if we do.

God’s people should be marked by a willingness to try new things, go on amazing adventures, and live remarkable lives.  People should see that because we have God on our side we are willing to take risks and deal with the consequences as they come.  The saints in the Bible took great risks for God and we should follow their example.  They took risks in faith, relationships, business, traveling long distances, leaving their family, and everything they knew.  Let us not settle based off of a lie, but live based off of truth.

Marcy Pedersen

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