How Everyday Things Can Help us Get Through Difficult Times.

I remember coming home afterwards.  It was late at night.  I don’t know what time.  I drove as far as I could, and then stopped about 30 minutes before we got home.  I couldn’t drive anymore.  I was shutting down.  I didn’t know what to think, how to feel, I had never experienced my dad dying before.  Did that just happen?  And now, I am driving a stupid car down a suddenly meaningless road?  His life ended and I am driving.

I remember leaving the hotel where we left him off.  I utterly broke down.  For the first time in my life I completely lost it.  I had reasons to before, like my husband’s extra-marital affair, but this was different.  My youngest son said, mom, stop, people are looking they can hear you.  I cried all the way home, and that night.  I had never had a son leave for boot camp.  In the instant he walked away, our relationship changed.  He was no longer my little boy.  He was a man and we would no longer be involved in each others daily lives.

I remember the moment God made it clear.  It was time for me to leave the ministry that I had devoted my life to for 7 years.  It was time.  I cried.  I would be obedient, but I cried.  I absolutely loved leading a para-church ministry.  It was the job of a lifetime.  God made me to do that, gave me the grace to lead, the strength to serve, and the motivation to love others.  An excruciating 6 months later my last day came.  As that last day ended I knew it was time to go.  My time was done and it was time for the new Director to lead.  I left physically, spiritually and mentally exhausted, and appreciative beyond measure.

Life is hard.  

It’s in those moments that you try to figure out how in the world does Scripture help me right now.  We try to remember God’s promises and figure out how and if they help us in difficult moments.  Knowing that God is with us doesn’t actually take away the pain and tears, but can give us strength to go on.  We know we need to pray, read the Bible, and trust God, but then what?

No matter how difficult any day is life just keeps going on.  Life didn’t stop the day my dad died.  Life didn’t stop the day my son left for boot camp.  Life hasn’t stopped because I no longer serve in full time ministry.  Life hasn’t stopped for you.  It just keeps moving on and in that is a blessing.

Every day things are good medicine during times of trial and life change.  We have to pay bills, work, do the dishes, fold clothes, clean, get groceries and live everyday life.  These things keep us going.  When we stop doing them we put our life on hold and are prone to become depressed.  We won’t feel like doing these things during difficult times so we will have to make ourselves. It’s these things that will keep us moving forward.

A God of Action

God is a god of action.  His Word and our faith are active and living.  God asks that we pray, serve, love, and follow.  He wants us to be patient and wait upon Him, but He expects us to act.

A Christians entire life is a life of doing.  We are called into action as warriors on a battle field.  Nothing about our faith says sit down and do nothing.  We wait on God and His answers and we wait on His plan to unfold, but we are not to sit idle while we wait.  I have to think this is all for some very good reason.

Laziness casts into a deep sleep, And an idle man will suffer hunger.  Proverbs 19:15

The Bible has a lot to say about a person who will not take action.  No where does it give us a good reason to quit on life.  There is no sin we can commit that justifies inaction.  There is no act of kindness that justifies the reward of idleness.  God calls us to action.  Action does warrant blessing from God.

Oh, believer.  We can hurt in ways beyond comprehension.  We can suffer with a silent anguish.  We can burn with fear and anxiety and succumb to dark thoughts, but we must do.  We must take action.

We must pray diligently.

We must love aggressively.

We must serve fervently.

We must trust actively.

We must act daily.

While we believe and trust God we must also live.  The everyday things in life are good medicine for us during times of trial, suffering, and transition. God wants us to keep going.  He expects us to live even if we are living with sadness and grief.  Doing everyday things is His way of seeing that we trust Him and that we believe one day we will do those things again with joy.

So if you have to do the dishes crying, fold the towels when you are angry, write the bills out when you are confused, and get groceries when you look like a train wreck then do it!  When you do God will be pleased.  Did He not make this world with everyday things in it for us?  To help us be constructive, as a way to serve others, and as a tool for helping us move forward in life.

With God we can do this.  One step at a time.

Marcy Pedersen

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