The Benefit of Biographies: How studying the lives of Christians can help us in ours.

During times of intense suffering, or to help us grow when our walk is dry we need all the help we can get.  Hopefully we are reading the Bible, praying, seeking wise counsel, attending church, and taking action to solve problems.  Sometimes all of that just doesn’t feel like enough though.  So here is something that might help and that has worked for me.
Reading or listening to Christian biographies can show us how to apply God’s Word to our lives, react to suffering, and get through trials.  Of course the Bible is full of stories, but there are many more that can help us visualize how modern man loves and serves God.  There is something extremely helpful about studying the lives of those who have suffered and seeing how they used God’s Word to cope.  The more examples that we can study the more we can learn about how to apply God’s Word to our lives in very real ways.
I highly recommend the following biographies.
  • George Mueller.  George can teach us about what God can do in the life of an ordinary person, how to pray and provides an amazing example of what trust in God looks like.  His story has taught me more than all others.
  • D.L. Moody.  Someone we all know and someone we can never exhaust.  He teaches us what Christian living and serving are like and if you struggle to love others he can help.
  • Amy Carmichael.  Amy served in India for over 50 years and became the mother to unwanted children and a beacon of light to the people she served and loved.
  • William Wilberforce.  Okay, you might have seen the movie, but I challenge you to dive into his writings and life.  If we flavor our life with this type of service to God we will make an impact beyond imagination.  William went against the grain and spent his life supporting those whom others threw away.
  • Martin Luther.  How could we not read about someone who risked so much for God’s Word.  No matter what our denominational beliefs are we can learn so much from this man.
  • Corrie Ten Boom.  While I hate to presume everyone has read about her I would recommend her book Tramp for the Lord.  Corrie reminds us that “we are up against the unseen power that controls this dark world and the spiritual agents are from the very headquarters of evil.”
A quick Google search online can provide some links to biographies:
 During a seven year period of suffering in my life I lost all hope.  I would beg God to deliver me from the situation.  I laid on my living room floor unable to speak.  I could only cry and pour my heart out to Him in uttering only the Holy Spirit could understand.  Christian biographies helped me survive and thrive.  They helped me see how others had suffered and what I could do to suffer rightly because I wanted to please God and continue to serve Him and needed an example of how to do that.
“Even man and woman who loves the Lord Jesus Christ must wake up to the fact that he or she has a mission in the world, in this work of reaching the lost”
D.L. Moody
May you study the lives of other Christians and be encouraged to impact the world for Christ and may their stories help you during times of trouble.
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Marcy Pedersen

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