When God nudges us to do new things & why we should follow.

A pastor was asked to leave his church. He had always been a pastor. I saw him a few months after he left and asked how things were going. He said he had connected with a friend the first couple of weeks after he left and he had two job offers for him. Oh wow! That’s great.

The pastor’s wife chimed in. Well those job offers are in Kansas. I can’t live in Kansas. She told me a story to explain why. That takes us far from our kids. I will go anywhere, but Kansas. I looked at the pastor. He said well I want to pastor. I don’t want those teaching jobs. We will go wherever God wants us to except Kansas and preferably a new pastorate.

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Where God takes us

In 2007 I started an unpaid internship at a local nonprofit to satisfy degree requirements for my bachelor degree. In 2008 I was hired on as the Executive Director of that nonprofit. I knew nothing about nonprofits, had goals of getting a high paying job in a nearby city, had barely gotten through an excruciating marriage trial, and had four small children to take care of.

On top of that this was a women’s ministry. I was not the right person for the job. I was not one of those Christian women who savored the women’s bible studies, women’s gatherings, and women’s conferences. I preferred everything that was the opposite of that, but God made it clear. This is where I want you.

I followed His lead and He systematically changed my heart so that I would fall deeply in love with serving and loving the women in our ministry and in the community. In fact when it was time for me to leave the absence of them has caused me deep sorrow. I loved having them in my life and love serving them even more.

God’s Call

I wonder how many people ignore the still quiet and sometimes clear voice of God when He nudges us to follow Him to places that make no sense. When He asks us to move to new areas to serve Him. When He asks us to love those we don’t want to love.

God is nudging me again. Here is what that looks like. My husband came to me in the summer of 2014 and explained that he had worked his current job and that job provided what our family needed. He was done. He wanted to retire early and start a new career, downsize, and move. It became clear that I would need to change my career path to help him meet those goals and that my future was going to be a lot different than I had planned.

Almost four years later we are almost complete with remodeling the house to prepare it to sell, have one child left at home who will be graduating this year, I changed careers and went back to college to get my Master’s, and we are preparing to break ties to go to an unknown place.

The process is excruciating at times, but I know the outcome.

Nothing in this world can compare to the beauty of being where God wants us. Nothing! Even if the road to getting there is filled with deep valleys the destination will be a delight. God sees your talents, your gifts, your desires and wants to fill them in a way that glorifies Him, helps others, and satisfies your longings.

God took a fiercely independent woman who had lived in much sin and changed her so that she would utterly love working with, serving, and loving a women’s ministry. He saw something in me greater than I could see. He had equipped me to serve in the very way that ministry needed to be served. I have NO DOUBT He has done the same for you.

Please consider those nudges and please follow. Great and wonderful adventures await and beauty beyond imagination.

One day we will move to some state, live in some smaller house, away from my family and children. The thought terrifies me, but if I am truly where God wants me to be then He has something wonderful planned there beyond what I can imagine. Perhaps there are more women to be served and loved, perhaps my ministry is to my husband, or perhaps something all new.

Go! Follow those nudges. The true adventures in life are those taken relying solely on an amazing God!

We can trust Him,

Marcy Pedersen

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