The MOST powerful method of sharing your faith…..

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When we demonstrate a changed life.
Of course to demonstrate change we must be transparent.  How are you going to know that I have changed if I am not honest about who I am?
Why is this vital?
This is VITAL because the world is watching.  People you live and work with are watching.  They watch people who say they are Christians, they watch people who say they go to church, and they watch people who say they have been saved.  They watch to see what this God you believe in has done and can do.  What do you show them?
Well I’m not perfect, Marcy?
Yes.  That is true, but you should demonstrate a couple things that are VERY POWERFUL!
1.  Confession.  I spent seven years counseling and mentoring people on a daily basis.  Everyone had something in common.  They weren’t good at admitting when they were wrong.   I met very few people who were actually in the habit of confessing sin on a regular basis to God or anyone else.  We should be so good at this.  Confession is a catalyst for change.  It starts things off.  Forgive me father for I have sinned and off we go.  It is the catalyst for repairing relationships.  Forgive me for lying, forgive for neglecting  you, and on and on.  Sure others don’t do this for us, but right now this is about displaying God to others.  Is confession a part of your life?
2.  Change.  I have been striving to rid my life of the fear of man in a very focused and consistent way for the past six years.  Fear has been so engrained in my life and so difficult to get rid of completely.  It was hidden and had time to dig in deep.  I learned to live with fear in almost every aspect of my life.  I am changing and progressing and that is a very powerful statement about who God is.  God has the power to rid my life of fear instantly, but He has allowed me to strive with fear.  This has given people who are watching me the opportunity to see Him at work.  This is vital for others to see.
We can all change a lot of things.   We can sway and impact others, we can motivate, coach, counsel, and love, but there is something different and powerful about a life that is changed by the living God!  People need to see God change us and we need to submit ourselves to the process to demonstrate that God is real, alive, and working.
We weren’t saved to sing better songs, to attend more services, to look like a better person, to do all those outwardly things.  We were saved so that our lives would be utterly changed and then we would utterly impact others lives with the same truth that impacted ours.  Change demonstrates that God’s Word is alive and working, that He is in the business of changing lives, and that He can be trusted.  We can contend with how He changes us, but we can’t deny His power when we watch it happen before our very eyes.
I go into a meeting where someone wants to make me look bad in front of the boss.  I am armed with a willingness to confess any wrong I have done, to ask for forgiveness, and to commit to change.  POWERFUL!
I am not saved.  I marry a man who isn’t saved.  I later follow God, but he doesn’t.  He watches as God changes me.  POWERFUL!
I struggle in my life.  There is distance between God and I.  I compromise in important ways.  A trial renews my desire to be close to God, others see me get closer to Him, and I no longer compromise.  POWERFUL!
Confession is powerful and is the catalyst towards change.  Demonstrating a changed life to the world has the power to eternally impact lives.  Those in my life who do not know God do not need me to remind them to attend church, to listen to Christian music, read the words on my Christian décor, or to feel my wrath because they aren’t on the right path.  What they need is to see what a great God can do in the lives of those who follow Him.  Let’s show them a changed life and in the process show them God.
Marcy Pedersen
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