Tips for Surviving the holiday’s & not losing our faith….


christmas-bokeh-lightsThis weekend we are going to spend more than we should, do more than humanly possible, stress over things that have little importance in eternity and do it all to celebrate Christ’s birth. Right? More like do it all because we love our kids so much that it’s time to see if we can outdo the other parents.

We also have to show up and spend time with people we barely get along with and do all of that in a state of complete stress and shock that we actually got through Christmas week. People will say things that are ridiculous, hurtful, and unkind.

Uncle Joe will spike the egg nog, we will be tempted to down a bottle of good cheer to cope, and all the while keeping it altogether so that our kids have the best Christmas ever.

Aunt Sally will be rude like she always is. You are dreading her comments right now. A fight may even ensue and once the festivities are over you are going to spend New Years weekend talking to cousins about how everyone is sick of her.

You might vow to never go to Christmas again to avoid the aggravation. You might deal with buyers remorse and wonder what episode of Stranger Things you are in that caused you to spend like that. I bought what?

You may realize that Christmas is about the decorations, buying presents, and that the only thing reminding you that this is about Jesus birth is the sprinkles of Christmas plays and music at church. It gives you that nagging feeling. This is about something else, this is about something else, but it fades when you think of the millions of things you have to do to get ready for the blessed/cursed day.

It’s Christmas. It’s wonderful!

It is. It’s a jumbled mess and glob of fun and stress. The entire thing is amusing. Somehow you are building memories for your family good and bad. What would Christmas be if we didn’t have Aunt Sally being rude, Uncle Joe having too much egg nog, and our children demanding more from us then humanly possible.

It is all part of the holiday’s. Here is what you can do to get through it:

1. Accept the absurdness of it all, find humor it, and enjoy.
2. Realize that the memories you are building include burnt food, sending the wrong cards, forgetting to buy gifts for someone, rude relatives, and the occasional Christmas family fiasco. Those are the memories and when you look back you will see how it all worked together to make it all great.
3. Keep pushing forward. Smile at Aunt Sally, eat too much food, and keep pushing forward to make it great for you and your family. They will get what you are doing.
4. Relax! It’s a jumbled mess. Laugh at it, enjoy it, and relax. It will all come together.

Our kids have developed a love and excitement for Christmas. It’s “the” holiday for them. They don’t remember the family fights, the way me and dad stressed over money, the messed up Christmas dinners, or all the things I forgot to do. They remember family, fun, good food, and a lot of awesome surprises Christmas morning!

So saddle up, get ready for a bumpy ride, and push through. Somehow it works out and in the process we will build awesome memories for our family.

Merry Christmas!

Marcy Pedersen

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