Have you ever thought it would be easier to get drunk than to trust God? Read more….


  • The medical tests are tomorrow. It might be cancer.
  • He could quit his job any day and our marriage is suffering for it.
  • She wants to quit college and be I don’t know what? A drifter. I didn’t sign up for parenting young adults.
  • He isn’t sure what state to move to.
  • She wants us to come visit.
  • I am not sure how we will pay for Christmas, get new carpet, finish the kitchen project, and the million other things we have to pay for.
  • We are getting older.
  • I miss dad. How can he be gone?
  • Should I have gone back to college at mid-life?
  • The homework is due, the laundry needs done, the carpet needs cleaned, the animals needs loved, the children are gone, the children are home, the dishwasher needs cleaned out and you want me to do what with you in bed tonight?

Let’s be honest. A few shots of tequila would just make all this easier to deal with. Let’s be really honest. If one more things gets added to my pile I am either going to drive away and live in a commune, divorce my husband, buy a bunch of stuff on our credit card, or eat a box of cookies. What sounds good the moment you open an envelope in the mail and find out your past due on a large medical bill? Prayer or a shot of Jack Daniels? Which one will provide instant relief? Hmmm…..

A couple of shots of tequila would get me wasted. It would be physically easier to pick up a bottle and take a drink or pour a glass. With each drink I would begin to physically relax and start not to care as much about my problems. If I drank enough I would have other problems to think about like getting sick, my loud mouth, and aggressive behavior. I know from past experience.

And Faith?

Faith requires a lot. It asks me trust in something outside of myself. It allows me to take action, but only to a point. It requires me to calm my heart, spend time in prayer and do a lot of waiting. All of which is near impossible during a crisis when I want to scream, get really emotional, talk too much, make some bad decisions, and eat too much.

Faith requires me to change. It doesn’t let me out of my trial, but helps me through it. Trials mold and change me. Something just happens to you when you have to learn to keep going despite your circumstances. You learn patience, perseverance, and gain a new set of coping skills. The old is cut out and the new is set in place. The cutting and molding is painful, but always produces good.

Faith is slow, it has no practical answers, and no discernible timeline. It says wait. I am doing a great work. Trust me. Faith doesn’t let you forget, but asks you to remember. It doesn’t let you make a fool of yourself, but asks for self-control. Faith doesn’t let you go it brings you in closer.

It’s easier to pour a drink and let the liquor soothe your pain.
It’s easier to medicate than trust.
It’s easier to get a quick fix versus wait for hard answers.
It’s easier to touch the bottle than trust in an invisible God.
It’s easier, but it’s not better.

Waiting for me at then end of every drinking bringe I ever had was regret, a stranger in my bed, memories that needed erased, and a bottle nearby to help me do that.

Trusting is not an easy quick fix, but it’s the only real way to walk on our journey of faith. When I trust in God I never have regret, always have a Friend near me, want to remember what God is doing in my life, and have my Bible near by to give me the strength I need to keep going.

Trust God. He will never let you down. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

Marcy Pedersen

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