Am I Alright Even if I Don’t Check Off All The Boxes?

If we check the boxes we are alright. What if I am not checking all the boxes? There is just a lot going on right now. I think you can be okay and not check the boxes. What do you think?What motivates you to ask that question? If you can honestly answer that then you will have your answer.  

From a faith perspective it’s about the heart. The inner person. Ultimately it’s about what is in there, but there are boxes that will automatically be checked off when the heart is lined up with God.




Did the thief on the cross check off all the boxes? No. His heart was right and that’s all that mattered, but look at what is motivating you to ask the question. Perhaps there is something else going on.

What about the boxes? When I show up to work and am engaged what do I do? I do really good work. When I am engaged in my marriage and with my children what do I do? I am a supportive and loving wife and mother. When my relationships are what they should be I tend to act and behave out of those right relationships.  

If I spend more time on Face Book at work then I do working my work slows down or stops altogether. If my heart longs for another man I begin to distance myself from my husband. If I wish I could do go out with my friends instead of taking care of my children then I may start to neglect doing things for them.  

I am not a good worker because I stay off of Face Book. I am not a good wife when I go through the motions of loving my husband. I am not a good mom when I fix them dinner or do their laundry. It’s much more than that. It goes to the heart of the matter. We can go through the motions of looking right, but still be as distant as if we didn’t know one another.

Examine Yourself? If we are in right relationship we will still mess things up, but out of our relationship will flow some things. Ultimately only you can really tell where you are at. Only you can examine yourself and determine how things are going. Is your conscious prodding you? Listen. Find out what is going on.  

The thing is this is our life. We only get one time through it. If we could only grasp how short our time is here perhaps we would be motivated to get on track and stay on track. How much time must we waste before we decide to listen to our conscious and do what we know we should do?  

Marcy Pedersen


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