Parenting: When NONE of them believe.

Where is your son this week? We miss him. I hesitate to answer. Can I tell the truth? This is the greet and meet at church. I don’t have time to explain and I wonder if they really want to know.

What am I going to say? Well we had a fight in the car and I made him get out? I am giving him space as he starts his senior year to see if he has any desire to worship God. He is reluctant to come and I figure he needs a break after I made him sit through 17 years of evangelism. He was evangelized, right?

How are the other kids? Well do you want to know that to? I mean really? I don’t have the Christian Brady bunch story for you yet. They aren’t singing God’s praises, serving in missions overseas, or going to church for that matter. None of them? No. None of them.

They are my wonderful grown children and they are partying and drinking. They are self sufficient and rulers of their own domain. They think they have it all figured out and have no need for God. Christianity is that thing mom does, but it’s not their thing. They are on a journey and right now their journey doesn’t include God.

Oh Marcy, don’t lose hope. I haven’t. I am just being honest.

I mean I understand. When I was there age I woke up in many strange beds with strange men. I would erase that memory as soon as possible with a six pack of beer. I was my own god. I ruled and I liked my rule. I knew what I wanted, where I was going and no one was going to stop me.

And now I watch them. I watch four people I love more than anything in the world make the same mistakes, and commit the same sins I did. I want to tell them to stop, yet I know they won’t listen. I want them to understand that their decisions have consequences, and there may be a time when they regret what they did. I don’t say a word. Unless they ask. If I preach they will just run away and never come back.

Let’s be honest. Christianity isn’t all put together. It looks like a mess. It’s not a simple procession of events. They are little, they sing cute God songs, draw cute God pictures, get saved, and lived happily ever after. No for many of us it looks much darker and is anything but cute.

I was baptized twice as an unbeliever. After my aisle experience I lived like the devil. I cared nothing for God. BUT. But one day it changed. One day we connected and my heart changed, and when it did I never went back. I began a journey of change. One that will continue until I see my Father.

Are your grown kids going to church? Mine aren’t. It’s okay. Well not really, but it fuels our prayer life, brings us to our knees and helps us understand our complete reliance upon God as a parent. Trust God. He changed me. If He can do that, well He can change anybody. Including these beautiful people He let us give birth to.

Go. Pray. Live out your faith. Shine Christ’s light bright so that when they start looking for it they will see it in you.

Marcy Pedersen
Mom, wife, and child of God.

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