Change Starts With Me

This country is messed up.  The country needs to change.  People need to wake up.  Don’t people see what needs to happen?  They are blind.  Why aren’t people doing anything about our country?

The church is messed up.  The church isn’t missional, doesn’t disciple, doesn’t act out their faith in community, is flavorless, and is made up of a bunch of hypocrites.  I can tell you what needs to change.  The church needs to do this program, change this service, build this building, play different music, etc.  The church needs to wake up!  What’s wrong with the church?

Our schools are messed up.  You talk about a sinking ship.  I mean do you know what they are teaching our kids?  Those teachers, those administrators, the state, and federal government.  They don’t know what they are doing.  Our kids aren’t learning anything.  If only the school would fix this and fix that.  Then it would get better.

Don’t even get me started on my employer.  I mean if those people would change then I would have a great job.  I just want to tell my boss how to really manage.  They just don’t know what they are doing.  My co-workers.  Oh don’t even get me started.  Last night I posted on Face book about their problems.  I mean if they would just do their job this thing would work.

Did you hear about my family?  Talk about a messed up group of people.  I mean she said and he said and she did and he did.  They are so dysfunctional.  You can’t pick your family.  So I just have to put up with it.

I am a citizen of the United States.  This country is me.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ.  The church is me.

I am a parent of children who attend school.  I am contributing to the state of the school.

I am an employee.  I am part of my work culture.

I am a daughter, wife, cousin, sister, and granddaughter.  That family is me.

When we talk about how messed up things are do we consider our part in it?   Is our critique a self analysis?   Is it really just “those” people that are messed up?  It can’t be us because we have arrived so we can’t be a part of the problem.

Change needs to start with us.  It’s where we can make the greatest impact.  We have little to no control over others, but we can change.  We can do our part to make this country great, make the church effective, build up the schools, improve our work culture, and live peacefully in our family.

You see I am not doing all I should to be a good citizen.  I am not the church member that I should be. I don’t support the schools like I should. I need to do a better job of ensuring I equip my son to be a ready learner.

I am responsible for my part of my work culture.  I need to spend my time working hard to do quality work, meet the needs of the organization, and serve my boss and co-workers.

I am a messed up daughter, wife, cousin, sister and granddaughter.  I have a lot of work to do to ensure that I am truly loving and serving my family, and not contributing to the problem.

What can we be doing to change and make an impact in our country, church, schools, at work, and in our family?  Change starts with us.  Are you ready to make a difference?  I am.  Let’s get to work.

Marcy Pedersen

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