When Christ is Supreme, needing _____becomes unimportant; really this isn’t just talk.

On my first day I showed up to the corporate building. This is nice. I won’t mind working here, but I soon found out I wasn’t working there. I was taken to another building. When we entered that building I was told this was my desk. At that moment my heart sunk.



I didn’t want to work there anyway. I had just left my dream job. I needed to do that, but I was ill prepared for what would come next. This was like no other job I had ever had. I was there to provide support.  I didn’t have a job to call my own.  I went from managing an organization to sitting and waiting for work to be handed to me.  What’s going on?

The job developed, and I made some great friends, but I sat there  waiting, praying, and trying to find a job that I could call my own. I applied, I interviewed, I applied again, and I interviewed again.

I became depressed along the way. There was more of life waiting to happen. God knew it was coming. There were more life changes. Big ones, and I hadn’t really come to grips with the ones that I was already living through. What I would have given to wake up on a Monday morning and go to a job I enjoyed. It would help me deal with what waited for me at night.

After a year and half I came to grips with the fact that God might just want me where I am at. Glimpses of opportunity started to open up where I was and I started to pursue them. This gave me hope.

God was working very hard throughout this time. It hurt.  He was silent. He didn’t give me any sense of what was to come. In my desperation I began to read His Word more, pray more, and seek Him more. I already knew I should do this. I really did, but I had stopped.

As I sought God more I began to not base my happiness off of whether I got a new job or not. I kept applying, but I trusted the results to God, and no longer based my joy off of whether the company called or not.

About a month ago I completely released all to God. Not in a magical way, but in a heart way. In a way where I surrendered in prayer to God’s will. Only we know when this is real. God. If this is where you want me then I want to be happy here. I will continue to look for another opportunity until you make it clear I should stop. Use me, Lord. Use me.

Not long after this prayer I got a call for two job interviews and a call letting me know about another future opportunity. All three calls could lead to great things. Yet my heart stayed humbled. I want to embrace where you have me. I want to bring you glory here. If you are leading me elsewhere I know you will show me where to go.

On Monday, I start a new job! The two year wait is over. When I left my dream job I thought that an entry level position in HR would be the perfect fit for me, and on Monday I will find out. You know what is funny? God did a great work, Christ is supreme, pleasing Him is what is important to me, not where I work.

Yesterday I left the job I hated in much the same way I came to it, but I left a different person. I left with a new set of friends, a new perspective, and with an amazing amount of hope for the future. I am thankful God kept me there as long as He did, and I am thankful it’s time to move on.

When Christ is supreme, needing _______(you fill in the blank) becomes unimportant. It works. It really does. Surrendering to Christ doesn’t mean He won’t bless us, it just means we understand what is eternally important and the source of our true joy.

Humbled, and ready for the next adventure,

Marcy Pedersen

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