Journaling & 2017 Goals for Our Sanctification

For many years I have noticed that God has a general theme for my sanctification. If I listen, watch, observe, see and know I can pick up some general themes of what God wants to work on in my life.

If our lives are in a constant state of change that leads us to living in perfection in eternity than doesn’t it make sense to take that process of change very seriously? I am sure God does.

Now I believe that God instigates the circumstances for our change, and works through His Holy Spirit to guide, and teach us, yet I don’t think this let’s us off the hook as far as doing our part to be involved in becoming more and more like Christ.


Consider for the moment that there is a God, He is all knowing, all present, all powerful, and lives in eternity. Now couldn’t this God be at work in everything that is said or done in our lives?

I believe so. I am counting on it. I view everything through this lens. What could God be teaching me, preparing me for, and guiding me to through every interaction, statement, and circumstance. Observe. You will be amazed at what you learn and will pick up on a greater work being done.


We must take a few minutes out of each day to read the Bible, and then think over what we have read in silence. We must learn how to meditate on God’s Word, and then quiet ourselves and listen to the Holy Spirit speak to us.  It may feel silly at first doing this, but in time it will be a beautiful time with God.


Sanctification is a process. It takes time. As I have confessed in previous posts fear is something I have been struggling with my entire life. God has been working on ridding fear from my life for six years now. We must wait. The work that God is doing takes time. We don’t always get immediate deliverance from the sins we struggle with. There is purpose for the waiting.


I have been praying for two years that God would help me get a job that will help my husband and I meet our goals, and that I will enjoy. I do not like my current job, and have been asking God to move me on to something else. I expect that God will answer this prayer, in His time. In the meantime I need to see what He is doing. I need to look at what is happening in my everyday life, and see that it all is part of God answering that prayer.


God’s Word transforms and changes us. Not just the sermons on Sunday.  Not the good word of friends, family or even a trusted counselor.  We must be readers of His Word. It is then, and only then, we will see great change in our lives. Do you want to change? Are you tired of the struggle? Go to Him.


A friend of mine who is also an amazing mentor used to tell me about her journals. She said when she passed away one day her kids would have her journals to read and there they would learn about her life with God. I never understood her journal’s until the past couple of years.

Faced with a mid-life crisis, extreme pain and need for relief I began to write. I used a gift card to order some small spiral notebooks from Barnes and Noble that would fit in my purse. I made myself start writing something in them each day.

It didn’t take very long at all to learn to love journaling. In my journal I write ideas, notes about the day, things I want to research, struggles I am having, poems, thoughts, and things I am learning from God.

At the end of my first year of journaling I could see how important the journal is to our sanctification process. That is the change process in this world that prepares us for perfection in eternity. Isn’t that important?

I can look through my journal right now and see how far God has brought me this past year. This gives me hope. I can see what God is dong in my life through my writing.

This life is short. It really is. I feel the same as I did in my 20’s, but I am in my 40’s. How did that happen? How can time go by so fast? Let’s take this process of change seriously, and let’s get ready for eternity with God.

In the end, nothing else matters.

Marcy Pedersen

*Here is my journal. $6.95. Link to my journal

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