Why Christ Has To Be the Center: Not people, things, and this life.

Christ has to be the center of our lives.

Because He is eternal.
People are not
Because He is the only source of lasting joy
He is the only thing that can bring meaning to nothing
The world cannot match Him. It’s source of joy always fades and when it fades you are left alone, miserable and lost.

Because He is equipped to be.
Others are not.
Other people are not equipped to be our source of joy, guidance, and meaning for life.
When we makes others our God they can’t live up to the pressure. They falter, disappoint and will distance themselves from us.
Only God can be God. Only God will satisfy.

Because even on the best day we are still nothing without Him.
The bills are paid.
We are healthy.
The house is clean.
The laundry is done.
The kids are happy.
All is momentarily well, and yet life is void, empty. There is still something missing. Take away the wellness of life and everything falls apart without Him.

Because He wants to reach others and radiate His glory through us.
A few missed church services, a lot of missed Bible reading, going down a path that leads us away from God and we are no longer radiating Christ.
He affects those around us. Take His light away and what do you have. A house full of nothing. A life full of misery. Lost and wandering and missing the obvious reason for living in darkness.

Christ has to be the center now so He can be later.
At the end of it all we are nothing without Him.
What goodness is there without Christ?
What reason is there to get out of bed?

Marcy Pedersen

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