Letting the prodigal go…Jonah went into the belly of a whale alone.

I might have just started “real” parenting when my kids entered adulthood.  How come no one told me it was going to be this way? I naively thought that diapers, ear aches, and sleepless nights were the hard part, but as usual parenting has a way of showing you how little you truly know.

I have prided myself on being close to my children.  We can talk about personal things, they come to me and we have a good relationship.  Yet there comes a time when they must separate.  I am not just talking about the day they leave home or get married, though it happens in some aspects then, but a true separation.

A time when you look at them, smile, and your heart breaks because you know that the path they must go on they must go on alone.  You can’t follow them down this road.  They are walking into the belly of a whale to have their Jonah experience with God, and you aren’t welcome.

Sure you get texts, emails, and phone calls.  It’s all superficial and cordial.  Ahh, I am glad you are doing that, that’s a good idea, and I hope that works out, but you have become a more  mature mother now.  You understand that this separation needs to happen.  You knew it was coming because you know it happened with you and your parents.

It’s the realization that they are choosing the path of the prodigal.  The path that leads directly away from God.  It’s the realization that you have utterly no control, and your reliance upon God must be 100% to live through this.

Life isn’t always Brady bunch is it?  It’s not what it is portrayed to be on Face book.  In your mother’s heart you see a baby that you held and protected, and now see that child walk away and chose a path that has some serious consequences.

Jonah went into the belly of that whale alone.  His family didn’t get to go with him.  He needed that experience with God to make him the man that God wanted him to be.  I think if we meditate on the story of Jonah we can realize how hard it would be for people who cared about him to see him run from God like that.

God carved and made me who I am in the belly of the whale.  He will do the same for my children.  It’s a personal work.  If we get in the way we will hinder God’s beautiful and wonderful plan.  I think it’s why we can’t be there.  It’s why we need to separate ourselves and concentrate on what God has in store for our lives.

We would never allow God to discipline and wound our children, and so the separation becomes a blessing.  It becomes a protection for us, and for them.  God protected Jonah while he was in the whale, and He will protect our children.

God, they are your children, and while you carve and mold them, show us mother’s what you have for us in our lives.  We seek to live and serve you oh Lord.  Show us how to do this?

Seeking God,

Marcy Pedersen

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