Want to Be Used More By God in 2017? Be Open to His Molding

God called me to serve as the Executive Director of a pregnancy center in the Fall of 2007. Many events unfolded for that to happen, but it was clear that was where I was supposed to be.

As I embarked on leading a para-church ministry I had no idea what I was doing or what God would do in me. I saw an opportunity to lead and mold a struggling nonprofit, but I think God saw an opportunity to mold and use me to accomplish His purposes.

I have had people come to me for advice on how to start a nonprofit. Something motivates them to “do something” more for God, and personal experiences are often the springboard for their idea of how to help others and do more for God.

While I applaud anyone who wants to serve God in greater ways I am prone to give them a warning.

Beware. This is as much of an opportunity for God to mold you as it is for you to serve Him.

Beware. Ministry is about doing things God’s way, and that is often not our way.

Beware. Serving others and God is often the least paid and most ungrateful job you will ever do. The reward is really in heaven. Don’t look for mans approval.

Beware. The euphoria you feel as you start something new and exciting will wane and fade. Commitment, and discipline are the only things that keep us going when the good feelings fade away.

Beware. Satan will tempt you with serious doubt and trial. He does not want us to serve God in greater ways. If he cannot tempt us externally, he will tempt us internally. He wants you to give up.

Beware. Your idea is the starting point. To truly serve others we must be molded by God. We must realize that He will accomplish His will. As you proceed realize that everything is about to change.

I have always wondered if God called me to serve because He was more concerned with reaching me then the clients, though I know He was interested in reaching both of us. He just worked so hard to change and mold me. I don’t know what strikes me with more awe. How He used me to help others, or how He changed me.

As you seek to serve God in 2017 consider that God may be preparing you for a journey of change. He may be showing you one path, when in reality He has something quite different planned for you.

Jesus Christ came and served God in the most humble of ways. God ran that ministry and accomplished His purpose. Jesus humbly and simply followed. I pray that in 2017 we can do the same.

Marcy Pedersen

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