365 Days Until 2017: 5 Reasons to Start a Journal in 2017.

35 days
856 hours
51388 minutes
3083284 seconds
until Sunday, January 1, 2017 (French Lick time)

There are 35 days until the New Year. 35 days. Think about how much is going to happen in our lives in the next 35 days.

For at least a brief moment on December 31st we may consider where we are in our lives, what we went through in 2016, and what is ahead. We may make New Year’s resolutions and hope that we accomplish more goals this next year.

Here are five reasons to consider starting a journal. Reasons to go to a local Walmart, purchase a cheap notebook, and begin writing something in it each day.

1. Journals are a tool we can use to track the process of sanctification. You know. That process by which Christians are changed throughout their entire life, and become more like Christ. Are we tracking this? Are we gauging how we are changing and growing?
2. See God’s Work in Our Lives. Like the Israelites we often forget what God has done. God may bring us a great blessing, and then a few months later when we are knee deep in a trial, we completely forget who God is. A journal can help us see how God is sustaining, and blessing us.
3. A place to write down sermon notes. Sunday morning is a time where we commune with God, hear His Word preached, and where the Holy Spirit ministers to us in a special way. I think all that dictates a journal entry. What verses is God sharing with us, what is the message instructing us to do, and how is the Holy Spirit encouraging us?
4. A journal can be an idea book. A place where we can record ideas for ministry, home, life, work, and for ourselves.
5. A journal is a great place to write down prayer requests. It is neat to look back on an old journal and see prayer requests and see how it all worked out. It can also help us remember to pray for people.

Earlier this year I started carrying two notebooks around with me. One journal is my idea journal. I write down every idea that comes to mind. The other journal is my personal journal. I write down words, poems, sermon notes, things I am learning, struggles, or just anything that comes to mind.

I simply enter the date, and write. My entries aren’t formal, often make no sense, but are a compilation of things that are on my mind.

I have found my journal to be a great aid in my growth and development, and now consider journaling a part of my everyday life. I have made journaling fit who I am. I highly recommend it to others.

We have 35 days until 2017. I hope that you will consider buying a small notebook, and on January 1st write your first post. Whether it is a paragraph, a list of words, an idea, a verse, or whatever, just start.

In time it will develop along with you, and become an extension of who you are, and a record of the amazing things God is going to do in 2017.

Marcy Pedersen

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