Dear Young Mother….here are a few things to consider as you embark on your parenting journey.


For a moment please consider a few things as you embark on your parenting journey. These aren’t things you will want to hear, but perhaps you will listen to your older and wiser self. I know where you are headed. I know how you are going to feel in 20 some years, and I want to help you prevent some heartache.

  1. Parenting will be a huge part of your life, but it’s not your ENTIRE life. These sweet babies that you hold will grow up and leave you, and when they do you need to be grounded and able to live a life apart from your children.
  2. Your husband comes before the children. I know, Marcy, I know. I know the tug of emotion that you feel as you gaze on their sweet faces. I understand the bond you feel. Marcy you were not meant to be one with your children. You were meant to be one with your husband. It will cost you dearly if you do not make him the priority he should be. A cost you will not want to pay.
  3. Shut the bedroom door. The kids need to know that when the bedroom door shuts they aren’t allowed in. Marcy I know you want to protect those babies but letting them sleep with you will put your sex life in danger. This has very real and painful consequences. It’s not okay to let yourself go, and avoid or delay sex because you have small children. Shut the bedroom door and ensure that you stoke the physical fire you still have for your husband.
  4. Pray, pray and pray. I know you have heard the stories of mature mothers who tell stories of how they pray for their children. I know you nod and say yes I will pray for mine, but I plead with you to pray consistently and fervently. These small children are going to grow up and go through trials and suffering. They are going to be in danger, go on spiritual journey’s, and distance themselves from you. Oh Marcy, pray. Pray for their souls, and pray for yours.
  5. God MUST be center to your life! You simply will not survive what is coming in your life without God as your anchor. There is pain and suffering that is coming and you will fall if you do not stay attached to The Rock! Make Him the center of your life and you will weather the storms.

Pray young Marcy that you will heed the advice of older mom’s. Oh young mother. Motherhood is a life long journey, but the time you get to teach and mold them is short. Before you know it you will be faced with mid-life and the changes that come with empty nest. Keep your eyes on Christ, stay grounded in His Word, and follow His commands. When you do God will guide you through.

Mid-life, growing and maturing,

Marcy Pedersen

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