I believe in you, and your ability to reach this goal: Worldly Advice vs. God’s

I pulled this statement from a coaching book. The authors of the book recommend that coaches use this statement to help clients reach their goals. What does this statement look like through the lens of faith and God’s Word?

Here is Why I Ask?

I am an obsessive goal driven person. God gave me a clear goal in 2014. Marcy, leave the ministry, and start a career that will help you and your husband accomplish your goals. He is your ministry. Help him. The way to help him is to start a career that will provide an increase in income, and career mobility.

I have spent hours and hours making a resume, applying for jobs, networking, talking to a career coach, and a hundred other things to help me find my new career. When my efforts don’t work I try again. I have been trying to land “that” job that I think will work since October 2014. By all standards it appears I have failed.

Yes, I am working but not at a place that appears to help us accomplish our goals, and where I feel I can use my talents and abilities. So I get up and try again. Am I failing to get to where I want to be because I don’t have support? Because I don’t have anyone who believes in me? Is it because no one believes in my ability to reach my goal?

Adding the Bible to the Mix

The Bible advocates that we support one another. We all need friends, mentors and counselors from time to time. We need encouragement, but the basis of the encouragement ultimately needs to stem from God’s Word. It is there that we receive power, hope, and the encouragement of a God who is in eternity.

I can have the support and encouragement of fifty people, but in the end it will not satisfy. I will always be longing for more, and that is a good thing! If I neglect God’s Word, then I neglect the very support I need to accomplish my goal. I neglect the only Person who can give me true satisfaction.

God’s Word is eternal. Our words are temporary. God’s Word gives life. Our words often destroy. God’s Word is truth. Our words, alone, do not have the power to give life. They are empty. God’s Word has the power of the Holy Spirit, ours do not.

Do you want to empower someone, or yourself to accomplish something great? Point them to Scripture. The sayings of this world fall short, and are empty, but God’s Word has power and eternal promises that cannot be shaken. People don’t need US to feel better, they need God.

You’re Ability

As Christians we need to remember that God has a plan for our life. He created us for a purpose. Isaiah 43:7 tells us that our main purpose is to glorify God. God works in our lives in specific ways to help us do that within the context of our lives. How I will glorify God will be different than how you do.

God has a plan for us. Proverbs 16:25 tells us that “there is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.” Our ways seems right, but they might not be part of the plan that God has for us. We need to remember that no matter how hard we try to accomplish something, it is ultimately in the hands of a loving God.

God has used my abilities to accomplish things, but He has also used me when I lacked the ability. My ability is not always the determining factor of success. I have some wonderful people in my life who believe in me and my ability, but their belief is not the determining factor of God’s plan for me.


Giving people good advice can be helpful. I have had some wonderful people say nice things to me in the two years I have been trying to find my new career. The thing is at the end of the day when I am alone, frustrated, and down I need something more. I need God.

God is really my loving Father.

My faith and walk with Him is not separate from my career. They are the same.

He made me, and has a plan for me. I will continue to take action to find the career He wants me in, but I will do so with a humble understanding that He is shaping my life, and molding me to be more like His Son through the journey.

Seek God; He will not let you down.

Marcy Pedersen


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