3 Problems With Scripture: God’s Word Fixed in a Book

The Bible is God’s Word fixed in a book.  This is common knowledge.  My sinful nature has some problems with that.


  1.  It’s Fixed Outside of Me.  God’s Word doesn’t change.  It’s set.  That means eventually it might rub me the wrong way.  It might not bend to fit me.
  2. I have no influence on God’s Word.  Of course not Marcy.  Yet, do we really believe that.  Don’t we often bring our values, principles and thoughts to Scripture?  How often do we let Scripture come to bear on us?
  3. God’s Word fixed in a book seems so contrary to an experience with the Holy Spirit.  The feeling we often get during Sunday morning worship often seems lost when we take a look at “The Book”.  An  insistence on reading it seems to nullify the work of the Holy Spirit.

Do you want to be in the presence of the Holy Spirit?  Get into the book.

God’s’ Word is living and active.  His Spirit is in the Scriptures.

“The book is the only place where Jesus is clear.”  Luther

I read my Bible, and pray.  I go to bed.  The next morning I am off to work.  The day wears on, and I gradually slip into distrust, worry, anxiety, and doubt.  My picture of God wanes.  My thoughts of Jesus are reduced to Sunday School sayings and songs.  I need more Scripture.

God is God.  He is the God of the Bible.  He is not a God of our own making.  To know God and to know His Son we must see them as they are, and that is in the Bible.

The Bible is a complex book.  It requires an understanding of:

  • Sentence structure
  • Paragraphs
  • Historical Context
  • Literary Genre
  • Surrounding Context
  • Word Studies
  • Translations
  • Meaning

It seems we lose ourselves in study, and lose the experience we have on Sunday.  I say NO!  God’s Word is in that book, and if we lose ourselves in it we love ourselves in Him.  We need to be students of God’s Word.  We should be willing to do whatever is needed to dig into that book.

It is there that we will get an accurate picture of God.  It is there we will see Jesus clearly.  It is there we will encounter the Holy Spirit.

Scripture is fixed.  Thank God.  I don’t want it to change on a whim.  What good would that be?

Scripture cannot be influenced by me.  Thank God.  I need something eternal I can rely on.

Scripture doesn’t nullify the work of the Holy Spirit.  It comes alive by the work of the Holy Spirit.

God has brought me to my knees.  He has humbled my prideful heart, and as I look up to Him, He reminds me that I must live by His Word.  It’s about Him, and the only way to know Him, is to read and study His Word.  It’s my life line, it’s my relationship, it’s my God.

Marcy Pedersen

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