5 Things That Annoy Me About God: Let’s Be Honest


  1. He is always right. No one likes a know it all, but God is definitely a know it all. No matter how hard I try to learn, gain wisdom and insight I still have little understanding. I don’t know what will happen today, tomorrow, and in the future. It’s annoying.
  2. He asks me to trust. Once in a while an email would be nice. I mean He is God. Don’t tell me He couldn’t send me an email. Hey Marcy, I know you have been waiting a while to hear about that job opportunity. Hang on for a few more weeks. The answer you are waiting for is coming. Well He doesn’t do that. I have to pray and wait and trust. That’s annoying.
  3. His goals are different than mine. I am a goal oriented OCD planner. I read and study so that I can make educated decisions and plans. I have set career and life goals. They do not go against Scripture. I like them. Yet in the midst of my suffering and trial God makes it clear He has different goals. There is something bigger going on than my desire to get ahead. Why won’t He line up His goals with mine? Annoying.
  4. He seems more concerned with His glory than mine. It’s like He wants to get the last word. What’s the deal? He works in ways in my life where at the end of it all I am on my knees praising Him. Where He gets glory because He worked in a situation in such a way that I become more like Christ. He often doesn’t end a trial until I succumb to His desire to rely solely upon Him. Where is me in all this?
  5. He desires obedience as a demonstration of my love for Him. Of course I love you God. Do I really have to show you that? I mean down here on Earth we just post stuff on Face book or send a text. We don’t have to actually do anything to demonstrate love to others. You want me to what? You want me to forgive someone who hurt me, love someone who betrayed me, and help someone who hates me. Obedience is hard and messes with my desire to hate, take revenge and enjoy bitterness.

Though God’s ways are annoying, He is not. I am amazed at how He shapes my heart, and life. I don’t always agree with His plans or way of doing things, but I know they are love motivated. I constantly feel like a child who is just starting school. I know nothing. I am constantly being taught.

Let’s be thankful God is God. Let’s be thankful He doesn’t change with the wind. Let’s be thankful He is in eternity and maintains that focus while He works in our lives. What seems annoying in this temporary world, is actually a blessing in eternity.

Loving an All Knowing God,

Marcy Pedersen

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