What does God use in your life to get your attention? A Hotel Receipt?: How God transforms us.

What does God use in your life to get your attention?

My relationship with Him started at home.  I had been in church my entire life, but wasn’t saved when I walked the aisle.  The gospel came to life in my heart at home.  I knew something was different.  For the first time in my life I desired the Word of God.  It wasn’t something I heard at church.  It was a part of my life.  I lived and breathed God’s Word.

I was now attending church because I had a desire to know God better.  I was no longer attending because I should or because others expected me to.  I truly wanted to be there.  For a year I lived and breathed God’s Word, and spent a lot of time in prayer.  My time with God was more precious than air.  I needed it to live.

One day while I was cleaning I came across a CD case that was out of place.  I was a bit OCD about my house in those days so I noticed anything out of place.  I picked it up to see if the CD was in it and found a hotel receipt.  I was immediately perplexed.  We hadn’t been anywhere.  What’s this for?

As I looked at the date on the receipt I remembered that was the weekend that I went with my mom to visit my grandmother.  My husband stayed home, but I guess he didn’t.  It was his receipt.  He left it for me to find.  It was his way of telling me that he had an affair.  This started one of the hardest trials of my life that lasted 7 years.

What does God use in your life to get your attention?

I didn’t think I could hurt more than I did during that time.  I was wrong.  I can.

I thought after that trial ended I wouldn’t have trials that bad.  I was wrong.  I have.

God used that trial to do a good and amazing work in my life.

You see I was a wretch.  Up to that point I had lived all my life for myself.  I was rebellious, stubborn, prideful and ignorant of God.  I loved me.  Not him.  All this while attending church and playing the part of Christian.

God got my attention when I saw that hotel receipt and I knew it.  I knew He was going to change me, and He did.  I knew how out of control and rebellious I had been and that it would take a trial like this to put off Marcy, and put on Christ.

What does God use in your life to get your attention?

On Friday I had one of those rare moments with God when it just clicks.  I have been going through another trial for the past three years.  It hasn’t ended.  It’s getting better, but it keeps getting added to in new ways.  I am unsure of how long it will last.  On Friday I could see the theme.  God is using something in my life that touches me to my core.  Besides my marriage, it is the one thing that brings me to my knees.

On Friday I realized that I had been trying to replace what has been lost in my life with all the wrong things.   I realized I have needed every minute of the past three years to be transformed, and to get back to that fellowship I had with God during my marriage trial.

On Friday I knew the purpose of this current trial.  The Holy Spirit said, “Marcy, it must be me first.  It must be me.”  During times of transition we often try to fill in what has been lost with exercise, food, new experiences, friends, etc.  God was telling me, it must be me.  It must be me.

I was trying to put all the wrong things in place of God, and God was using what He knows is most precious to me to get my attention.

I was immediately thankful God did not answer many of my prayers the past three years.  I am glad I didn’t get those jobs, that selling the house hasn’t happened, that relationships haven’t been healed, that these changes are happening and that I feel lost.  I am glad because now I see what God is doing.  He wanted me to make Him a priority.  It has to be Him.


I knew my trial was working when I felt led to pray, “Use me” this past week.  It’s a sign that I am starting to learn the lessons God has for me in the school of suffering.  Use me, Lord.  What else is there.

I had prayed this towards the end of my marriage trial.  God answered that prayer swiftly.  I found myself a part of a church building project team, and later became an Executive Director of a pregnancy center.

Use me.  I anticipate great things to come.  My spirit can sense an excitement again.  What will God do with me?  Use me.  I can feel the adventure on the horizon.  Use me.  I am humbled that God would answer this prayer, and thankful for what He is doing to prepare me for what’s next.

What does God do to get your attention?  If He’s got it, what is He teaching you?

Seeking and savoring Christ,

Marcy Pedersen

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