I plea to you to consider God. His strength, His power and His sovereignty.

I want to plea with you to consider God. His beauty, His wrath, His joy.  All that He is.

Oh my heart becomes so burdened when I put my focus on self. When I think of my problems.  When I am focused on me, what’s happening to me, and what could happen to me. I become in essence a practical atheist.  I act as if God did not exist.

I cease to minister, except to myself, and that’s not ministry.

I cease to love, except myself.

I cease to be a servant that God can use to help a dying world.

I plea to you to consider God. His strength, His power and His sovereignty.

There is NOTHING that you can go through that is not under the power and gaze of God.

Therefore, what can man do to us?

Therefore, our suffering and trials have a God ordained purpose.

To mold us, and change us to become more like Christ.

I plea with you to think of Christ. What He has done for you, is Doing and can do.

Is that not enough to motivate us to great thoughts of God?

I read your words last night, my Lord, and they are working in me.

We connected through prayer, and your Spirit moves in me today. Comforting, teaching and rebuking.

Oh how I love you.

I listen to a preacher speak of you and my heart becomes more infatuated with your glory.

Oh how can I serve you more? How can I love you more?  How can I demonstrate that you have my heart, mind and soul?

I plea with you to do what is necessary to cut off love of self.

I plea with you to take steps to get in God’s Word, let it marinate in your soul.

I plea with you to study and learn all you can about this God we serve. He is who He is.  He is not a figment of our imagination.

I plea with you to feed yourself by listening to sermons and music that will point you towards Christ, and the Almighty God.

I am in love today with our Lord. He is everything.  In Him, I am free!

I know a day is coming soon when this moment will pass.  When I will love myself again and be absorbed with the problems of life.  I know that this momentary glimpse of your glory will not last the day, but Lord, I will fight to get that glimpse back.

When my eyes and heart are on you.  Noting compares.

Marcy Pedersen


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