Another day of life. goody. How reminders of God can help us through it.

Is the alarm really going off again? I just closed my eyes. How does this keep happening?

Oh great, I didn’t pick my clothes out again. Ok, let’s pick something out.

The animals are waiting for me outside the door. Food, water, morning bathroom break. Yeah! Love this routine at 5 a.m.

Hum, there is coffee to make, pack my lunch, the sight of the kitchen makes me think of the work that will be waiting for me when I get home. Another day of the same. Another day of THE routine.

Somehow I make it to work, again. The morning routine begins. It’s almost annoying how happy people seem to be. She said this, he did that, did you hear on the news, and on and on and on. Can’t I just go lock myself up in a closet somewhere so I don’t have to go through another day of this?

Once things quiet down I begin to work. It hits me. I still have that prevailing sadness. Now what did I read in my Bible last night? Something about it is not I who live but Christ who lives in me. That’s nice. I am not feeling so spiritual this morning. Didn’t I pray last night? Wow, that really helped. Why do I bother?

Let’s check Face book. That always helps. No not really. A few minutes of that and I feel worse than when I started. It’s not even 8 a.m. and I already feel like giving up. How did I get through yesterday? Yesterday was good. Today feels impossible.

I Need a Reminder

The truth is the struggles don’t go away because we go to sleep. They are waiting for us when we wake up. The deliverance we seek hasn’t come yet. We are faced with a similar day, with the same problems, and the opportunity for more.

We wake up and at some point realize I am back where I was yesterday. It’s all there. It was waiting for me. So Christ lives in me. Goody. What does that even mean this morning?

God’s people have been notorious for being a forgetful people. I believe we are the same way. I know I am. We need constant reminders of who God is, what He is doing, and His promises.

I want to say with all seriousness, that what I want to do on mornings like this is text and email my girlfriends. I want to tell them how bad I feel, how distraught I am over facing the same uncertainties, again.

Oh, they would respond with Bible verses, good advice, counsel, and encouragement. Of course at some point they might get tired of my problems and wish I would stop contacting them. While I need their friendship I have to understand that it is only God that sticks with me throughout the day. Only His Words have the power to save and change. His Holy Spirit is ever present, and it is there I must rest.

What I need, what we need, is a reminder.

Who God Is: God is the I Am. He is not who we make Him to be. A study of His attributes, and carrying that around with us, I mean really, in a notebook in your purse, can help us maintain a correct view of God.

I believe this is key to getting through trial, life, times of prosperity, and fighting depression.

Another day~ God is eternal

The same problems~ God is all knowing

The same pain~ God is all powerful

The same uncertainty~ God is sovereign

What He Is Doing: I believe that keeping a journal can help us see what God is doing. I get my notebook/journal out every day and sit it out whether I am at home or at work. I date it, and write down ideas, thoughts, struggles, things I am learning, or whatever is important for that day. I don’t sit and write for a long time, but I try to write something.

After a while we can see a progression. We have a record of what God is doing in our life, even when it looks like He isn’t doing anything. It has really helped me to see growth in my life, and reminds me of the things that have been helping me get through a rough time.

His Promises. God’s promises are in the Bible. We know that. They do us no good if we don’t know them. We need constant reminders because we are forgetful. When we forget God’s promises we will be prone to despair during times of trial.

I was in church two days ago. Two days, and I am already struggling. I have already forgotten the sermon. Thankfully, I took notes on the sermon in my journal. Looking at my journal I am reminded of God’s promises, and my hope is restored.

You know, it is another typical day. It is the same job all over again, the same people, the same work waits for me when I get home. I am faced with the same problems, and uncertainty. I am also relying on the same God to get me through all of it. He hasn’t changed.

As I prayed last night I believed God telling me, “focus on me Marcy, focus on me.” There you will find comfort, joy, and rest. Focus on me, focus on me. With my journal by my side to serve as my reminder, with the Holy Spirit indwelling me, and with God’s promises in my heart, I know this will be a good day.

There are no uncertainties in Christ. Let’s run the race, Lord! I can’t wait to see what you have in store.

Seeking and savoring Christ,

Marcy Pedersen




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