Ministry of Vocation: Opportunity to Make An Amazing Impact!

I was in full time ministry.  It was my badge of honor.  I went to work everyday, for seven years, and got to help people.  People in the community knew that I helped people.  That was my job.  Really?

In reality I spent a majority of the time fundraising for the para-church organization.  It takes a lot of time to raise sufficient funds to operate a nonprofit.  I spent a lot of time marketing, developing the organization, working with volunteers, administrative tasks, and community outreach.  I didn’t actually go to work and help people all day.  Our volunteers got to, but I actually spent more time raising funds then helping others.

Missionaries are sent out to bring the gospel to unreached people.  We give large amounts of money to fund their ministries, and send them far and wide.  The nonprofit I ran was a local missionary.  We worked to bring the gospel to men and women in our own community.

We worked very hard to reach as many people as we could and on our best year we reached between 200 people.  Reaching this many people isn’t bad for a small nonprofit in a rural community.  We provided services that a church or individual wouldn’t be equipped to provide.  I believe we did a good work in Christ’s name, and that they still do.

The Gold Mine Opportunity For Reaching People with the Gospel

In July of 2016, approximately 125.51 million people were employed in the United States.  According to an article by SHRM 77% of American identify themselves as Christian.  Now think of the opportunity there is to impact a mission field of 125.51 million people.  We don’t have to raise any money to impact this mission field.  We are already in it.

I believe that Jesus gave us the very example we need to follow for making an impact in the workplace.  I believe that we can and must do this.  Our world needs it.  When I helped unbelievers in our community I:

  • talked with them
  • listened
  • cared
  • connected
  • and developed a relationship

We developed relationships with the intention of sharing Christ in Word and deed, showing Christ in action, and providing practical help.  We can do all this in the workplace, except share Christ in Word, and that’s okay.  We can do what many missionaries do.  Develop a relationship, connect with people on their level, listen, understand their problems and struggles, and display what a life with Christ looks like.

Do this, my dear brother and sister, and you will prime the pump for the opportunity to share Christ using God’s Word.  There are always opportunities outside of work to connect with people, or perhaps your example will encourage people to attend church where they will hear the gospel.

There is an AMAZING opportunity!

If Christians in the workplace treated work as their ministry think of the impact that we could have.  As a body we have the opportunity to reach 125.51 million people!  Now that’s what I call a mission field.

We are all called to ministry.  It’s why God left us in the world.  Christ gave us the example that we CAN follow in the workplace.  We don’t need to wait until after work to serve God, we can serve Him all day.  What if our time after work was used to prepare for the next day’s ministry/work?  What if we used the weekend to contemplate on God’s attributes, study His Word, pray, and sing His praises.

Come Monday we would be such a light that others would take notice.  Christ shining through us cannot be extinguished by any law or legislation.  We can connect with people with the intention of sharing the gospel at the opportune time, and displaying Christ through our actions.  Let’s make an impact for Christ!  Let’s let the world know about the great things He hath done!

Seeking and savoring Christ,

Marcy Pedersen

*More posts to come.  I am developing topics and themes for the Ministry of Vocation.  We can do this!  Let’ impact our mission field and proclaim Christ!