Daily Considerations of God: Not just a church thing, a life thing.

“It is necessary to excite men to daily and actual considerations of God and His nature, which would be a bar to much of that wickedness which over flows in the lives of men.”  Stephen Charnock

Stephen Charnock wrote 1,000 pages about the Existence and Attributes of God.  Let’s think about that for a moment.  A 1,000 pages about who God is.  That in itself tells you something.  How many 1,000 page Christian books do we find today?  How many spend that much time considering God?

When someone says praise God in the assembly what do we often here?  Are we often not prone to praise God for things He has done for us.  Is our  praise not centered on us not on the attributes of God?

What if we enjoyed, and savored God for who He is alone.  What if we took ourselves out of the equation?  What would happen then?  Of course we can’t completely take ourselves out, but we can learn to.

In order to enjoy and savor God we need to study who He is.  We need to know the God we serve.   The God we serve is not the God of our making. God may bless me, and help me in unique ways, but my experience with Him does not define Him.  God is God.  Who He is, is defined in the Bible, and writers like Charnock, can help us pull that out and study it.

“God hath given us sense to behold the objects in the world and understanding to reason His existence.” Charnock

God has given us what we need to learn about Him, enjoy Him, and savor Him.  Enjoying God has nothing to do with us.  It is all about Him!  Its about thinking about His attributes, meditating on them, praying through them, and savoring them.

As we think upon God we should have a delight and joy in our heart.  A delight and joy that supersedes our lives and circumstances.  We delight in our relationship with Him, in His attributes, because of our forgiveness we have in Him, because of our justification and righteousness.

We delight in the:

  • Foreknowledge of God
  • Supremacy of God
  • Sovereignty of God
  • Immutability of God
  • Holiness of God
  • Power of God
  • Grace of God
  • Goodness of God
  • Patience of God
  • Mercy of God
  • Love of God
  • Wrath of God

We cannot completely grasp who God is, but we can try.  Charlock tried and took a 1,000 pages to describe each attribute.  There is an inherent danger in choosing one attribute of God and concentrating on that for worship, life, or in thought.  God is as much a God of mercy as He is a God of wrath.  We must seek to look at all His attributes.

A 20 minute praise and worship session is a nice start, and reminder of what we should be doing every day.  Enjoying, considering and savoring God is something that comes from the heart, supersedes our life, and is completely focused on who God is.  We need more than 20 minutes to get that done.

The first time I felt like I really enjoyed and savored God was after I completed a study on God’s attributes.  I was overwhelmed with God’s presence, and for the first time in my life I thought more of Him then I did my circumstances.  God wasn’t a God of my making, He was the God of the Bible.

I sat on our back porch on a sunny summer morning.  I was enamored with God.  Oh, He was supreme.  The birds sang praises.  He is immutable.  I can pray and interact with the God of Jacob.  He is holy.  He is holy.  He, He is holy.  The heavens shouted out to me.  The expanse of the sky speaks to His holiness.

He is powerful.  Yes, I have seen God conquer sin in my life, and change my cold heart to a heart full of God.  God is good.  His goodness has nothing to do with me.  He is good no matter what.  God is patient.  He is mercy.  He is love.  The creatures of the world can attest to this.  They wait for provision, and receive it.  God is wrath.  He will accomplish all He has promised.  Evil will end.

Enjoying and savoring God is not about praising God for what He has done for me.  It’s about praising, enjoying and savoring God for who He is.  When this happens we will momentarily experience the type of fellowship we will have in heaven.  God focused, and Christ saturated.  We, me, will no longer exist.

Enjoy and savor God.  It’s not something we can do during a quick Sunday morning service.  Find a quiet spot somewhere.  Spend time learning about God’s attributes, and then let your heart sing praises to Him.

Because of His grace, and for His glory,

Marcy Pedersen


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