The Sunday Sermon Was Good, I am Encouraged: Was it a sober intoxication?

Still mulling over and letting the life of Augustine sink in.  Augustine shows me how superficial and light my Christianity is.  I want to think and speak like him.  I know that God only requires child like faith, however, I like to view the lives of saints like Augustine to give me a standard of Christianity to reach for.  A standard that is uncommon in our current century.

Augustine was led to the Lord by Ambrose.  This is how he described Ambrose preaching.

At that time his gifted tongue never tired of dispensing the richness of your corn, the joy of your oil, and the sober intoxication of your wine. Unknown to me, it was you who led me to him, so that I might knowingly be led by him to you.”

Can you feel the depth of his thought, the beauty in his language, and the seriousness of the sermon?  It makes me think.  It makes me want to think deeper, and grow in my use of language.

On Monday I read a Face book friend’s post.  Church was awesome!  Thankful for church friends.  I am so happy she is excited about church, and church friends, yet I long to hear a pastor, and describe his preaching like Augustine did.  To read posts that are flavored with this type of language.

Oh, the pastor dispensed richness.

The congregation had a sober intoxication from the Scriptures.

May we seek the richness that the saints, who lived prior to the 20th century, can offer.

Marcy Pedersen


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