God Can Use ANYTHING: Cicero & Augustine?

I am listening to a biography about Augustine today.  I want to learn how a man of God, like that, lived.  Perhaps as I do I will learn how to live a life that impacts others, to think deeper about God, and be motivated to take my study of the Bible more seriously.

Augustine said this, nine years prior to his conversion.

It altered my outlook on life. It changed my prayers to you, O Lord, and provided me with new hopes and aspirations. All my empty dreams suddenly lost their charm and my heart began to throb with a bewildering passion for the wisdom of eternal truth. I began to climb out of the depths to which I had sunk, in order to return to you. . . . My God, how I burned with longing to have wings to carry me back to you, away from all earthly things, although I had no idea what you would do with me! For yours is the wisdom. In Greek the word ‘philosophy’ means ‘love of wisdom’, and it was with this love that the Hortensius inflamed me.

Augustine said this after reading Cicero’s Hortensius.  After reading this Augustine began a NINE year journey that would end in his conversion.

Let’s not doubt for a moment what God can do.  When we think of evangelism how often do we think of pulling out a secular book as a way to lead others to Christ?  Yet for this man of God a secular book started to draw his mind in a new direction.  God can do the same for us, for those we love, and for the world.

My salvation story was a journey that led to a point of salvation.  I am sure yours was too.  Be encouraged, if you are praying for the salvation of others.  We never know what God will use to draw them near.  Let’s ensure that we are a light in this world.  We never know how God might use us in someone else’s salvation story.  Let’s be ready and equipped to make a difference so that when someone’s heart and mind is turned towards God we can be there to light the way.

Marcy Pedersen

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