Your Husband Doesn’t Need Your Christian Music

I was saved around the time my third child, and daughter was born. About 19 years ago. About two years later came a marriage trial that shook me to my core. It was at this time that I began to learn what faith and trusting in God meant.

I was ignorant at first about what my Christian life would look like when I took the kids to church alone. It took me some time to figure out that my life had changed, but his hadn’t.

Sometimes when things got heated up at home I would play my sermon podcasts and Christian music while I was cooking. It was a comfort and encouragement to me, but it was an annoyance to my husband. He thought I was playing that stuff to try to save him, or make him feel bad about not going to church. So I put my headphones on. It was for me, not him, but I could see his annoyance with it.

A Biblical Understanding

At times like this a biblical understanding of salvation and of living in a house divided is needed.

The Bible promises that we will go through trial as Christians. It’s something we can count on.

The Bible explains and demonstrates that Christians and non-Christians have some differences. When we live in a home where one spouse is a Christian and one isn’t, we see those differences.

The Bible says that we are saved by faith, and faith comes by hearing God’s Word. God saves. He can save your spouse. He doesn’t need us to play Christian music to do it.

The Bible asks us to respect our husband, or love our wives. This means we turn the music off or put some head phones on. We are not martyrs because we play Christian music in front of an unsaved spouse, we are disobedient.

The Bible asks us to display our light. Jesus put up with a lot when He was on this earth. He spoke truth when needed, showed mercy when needed, and was sacrificial. He didn’t seem too worried about playing Christian music in front of unbelievers. He seemed worried about living a holy life in front of them, and being prepared to speak His truth to them in a loving, yet confrontational way.

Real Life: It Doesn’t Look Like the Christian Brady Bunch

I have some great friends. They are married to Christians. They go to church, serve in ministries together, hold hands, smile, and they are “that” couple that people go to.

And me? My husband is home on Sunday mornings. He has asked about church a handful of times in 19 years. He is a wonderful man, and I love him, but we aren’t “that” couple in the church. He has no concern for God, or His Word.

The last time we did something together on a Sunday morning, I skipped church, and we went to Bob Evans. Why? He asked me to play hooky for one Sunday, and be with him. I did because I felt my ministry to him was more important, for that one Sunday. He never asks me to skip, and when he did it was to be together as a family. “That” couple in the church might not be able to understand that, but I know that God does.

Living in a house divided can be difficult, but it is a supreme opportunity to demonstrate Christ, and follow His sacrificial way of living. They don’t need our Christian music. They need Christ. We need Christ. Put the headphones on, and let it encourage your soul, and then pray for theirs. God can do this. Until He does, follow and trust Him. He doesn’t disappoint.

Marcy Pedersen


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