The Afternoon of Life: Book Review

Elyse Fitzpatrick is the author of The Afternoon of Life.  This is an excellent book about finding your purpose in midlife, and handling the empty nest.

Each chapter has questions at the end that you can answer, and use to think through the principles in each chapter.  Elyse includes some of her own personal stories, and some from other mom’s.  These stories really help drive home the difficulty that mid-life brings, and the ways that other mothers have dealt with it.

I would recommend this book for any mother.  I think it would be helpful for mothers with kids still at home to read this.  It may help to give you some ideas of what is to come, and help you prepare for that.

I have found this book helpful as I face mid-life and an empty nest.  I just wish I had read it many years ago, but I am thankful I picked it up and read it today.  Books don’t need to be brand new to be helpful.  This book will be helpful for many years to come, and I recommend it highly.

Marcy Pedersen


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