A Case For Journaling: Noting Gods Faithfulness

When things are going good in our lives the days pass by without much thought. We are often busy and trying to keep up with everything.
When life becomes difficult it is like everything stops. We can become overwhelmed and completely focused on our problems.

Either way we can lose sight of what God is doing in our life. We may forget He is there, or we may believe He has forgotten us.

God left us His Word to remind us of what He has done, and what He will do.  

I recently found myself in the when life becomes difficult stage. To help me get through I began to journal. I journal ideas I have, things I want to do, things that bother me, what I am learning from Scripture and what comes to my mind when I spend time with God.

I have heard how people journal but was never very interested in it, but now it’s a very precious thing to me. I carry my journal with me everywhere I go. I set it out on my desk at work, carry it in my purse, and write in it on trips. Writing in my journal helps me to work through things, and write down important ideas and thoughts as they come to me.

A journal can also be a written account of what God is doing in our lives. Sometimes it feels like He isn’t doing anything. If we journal we can begin to see that He is working, and our journal will help us remember what He did when the seasons of life change.

You know I am forgetful. I get through one trial, and then when things get better I am prone to forget God altogether. When the next trial comes I forget what He did during the last one. I don’t want to forget anymore. I want to remember God during the bad and good times, and then have fuel to praise Him for His continued faithfulness and goodness. My journal provides that fuel.

I started a journal in a 6.99 notebook I bought from Barnes and Noble. My journal is developing. I have added tabs, and use markers to highlight information and ideas. I have also made myself a “go bag” which is a bag that has my pens, markers, journal, and reading material in it.  

Whenever I sit down to read, pray, or write I open my journal. The process of journaling is helping me to be observant, watchful, and mindful of what God is doing in my life, and what He is teaching me. It is helping me evaluate my life, consider new goals, and is inspiring me to come up with new ideas.

I hope you will consider starting a journal. If you already journal send me your pictures. I would love to hear how and why you journal.

Marcy Pedersen

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