How to Stop the Evil in the World

Does the Bible talk about evil, darkness, and how to overcome it?

Is God relevant in the thought and discussions concerning evil and violence in our world?

Did Jesus come to this world, and leave us without the help we need to overcome darkness?

Perhaps the problem is that we think more of government policy and procedure then we do God’s Word. I mean we must when we are so quick to ignore what God says and rely on the things of the world to overcome violence. I wonder if we are still looking for our king. The Jews waited for a king that would conquer their enemies, and when they got it they rejected Him. He wasn’t enough. He wasn’t what they wanted.

Perhaps God is too far away to help us. Perhaps Jesus isn’t really standing on the right hand of God. Perhaps the Holy Spirit is a figment of our imagination. Perhaps that is why discussions of how to thwart evil in the world never come back to prayer, and following God’s Word.

“We only sustain violence in our world if we fail to admit its place in our own hearts.” Moore

I used to sit across from women in the counseling room. I counseled prostitutes, drug addicts, women who were poor, sick and who neglected their kids. I looked in the eyes of women who were pregnant and on drugs. Their unborn child was already in a fight for their life, and that fight would continue once they entered into this world.

It was at those moments that I had the opportunity to make a difference in overcoming the evil in the world. It wasn’t because of my counseling skills, my charm, or knowledge. It was because I had God’s Word, could connect with a Holy God through prayer, and was empowered by the Holy Spirit. God’s Word is living and active, and sharper than any double-edged sword. It can make a difference.

The problem with this method is that it’s not a quick fix. I helped many women and many women walked out our doors without any visible change, yet I stand by our efforts to share Christ with them, give them God’s Word, and pray with them. Those were the only tools we had to bring life change, and to equip others to overcome the evil in their own hearts.

What about us?

Oh Christian were you in need of grace when you were saved? Had you arrived already and just needed God to get the dust off of your feet? Was their darkness and evil in your heart?

I was a sin wrecked mess when God saved me, and now I am a forgiven mess. Before I was saved it pleased my heart to lie, rebel, do drugs, drink to excess, have sex outside of marriage, and whatever my heart desired. I never physically hurt another human being, but the darkness in my soul existed for that to happen. It is only by God’s grace that my rebellion against Him didn’t contain that.

Let’s first start by looking within our own hearts, and ensuring that we are connected and focused on Christ. Only then will we be able to thwart our own evil and potential for violence.

Let’s for a moment contemplate on the gentle sweetness of Jesus Christ. How He simply laid out a plan to deal with evil and violence, and asks us to follow that plan. He asks us to love, and to confront people with His Word. To walk alongside of others in need of Him, and share about the way to eternal life, and the way to overcome the evil in their hearts.

Let’s remember that God’s Word is sufficient to overcome the evil of the world, that Christ has already conquered it, and that the Holy Spirit is here to help us reach out to others.

It’s not a social media glamour kind of plan. It’s not a plan that will make headlines. It doesn’t even look like a decent plan, and won’t make the next Congress budget committee meeting. Those who waited for a king to deliver them didn’t get what they were looking for, and perhaps we think the same thing. Perhaps we think our king, the government, will save us from our enemy, and are disappointed with what God sent.

Thwarting evil and violence starts with us.

Then it continues by reaching out to others in our lives.

It’s based on the realization that God’s Word is sufficient to change lives, and with the understanding that God’s followers need to be busy doing His work. It is then we will see change.

In need of His grace and all His strength,

Marcy Pedersen

Photo credit: United Nations Photo via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

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