Reaching Out to the Unchurched

When Jesus reached out to people who were not His followers how many times did you hear Him tell people to go to church?

How many times did He promote a church program?

Did He go on and on and on about getting people into church?


He went on and on about Himself.

So why do we nag people who are not followers to get into church?

So they can hear the gospel.  That is a good reason.  Amazing things can happen when we hear God’s Word.

Because they are commanded to?  Well actually aren’t believers commanded to.  Aren’t people commanded to follow God?  Who is the command to not forsake the assembly for?  Believers or unbelievers.

When the extent of our evangelism efforts consist of “come to our church” we may be missing an opportunity to minister to people where they are.

When we connect with people they often have a story to tell.  A story of pain and suffering.  They have a complex life that is wrapped up with experiences, knowledge, skills, and all that is wrapped up in their person and for that moment connected with you.

They might tell you of a divorce,  drug abuse, alcohol abuse, a pornography addiction, grief, depression or a long  list of problems.  Can you imagine for one moment sharing with someone about your personal pain for them to say, “you should just visit the church.”

Yes we should be in church, but we just missed the opportunity to speak into that person’s life.  We just missed an opportunity to demonstrate Christ’s love, compassion and mercy.  We miss the opportunity to share God’s healing Word, and point them to The Man who can heal their pain, and give them eternal life.

But if you would just come to church.  Listen Christian, they just came to you.  You are the church, and they have come to you.  Do not send them off for others to take care.  You are commissioned to make disciples of men.  You may be the only service they ever attend.  Will you send them away?

Why would I want to attend a church that only has power within it’s walls.  What kind of church is that?  What kind of church doesn’t equip it’s people to be a light into the world?  Wouldn’t I be more attracted to your church building, if I saw an example of what it is like?

People are hurting.  I hurt.  We need Christ, and once we become followers we should not forsake the assembly.  Before people get there let’s meet them where they are.  They can be helped when we meet them.  On the spot.  They don’t need ushered off to the clinic.  The cure lives within you, and it’s our job to share what that cure is.

Let’s make an impact in peoples lives.  Let’s follow Christ’s example, and minister to people where they are, and share about Him.  He comes first.

Seeking, and savoring God,

Marcy Pedersen

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