Why do Nonprofits Always Want My $$?

Nonprofits are not for profit organizations, or 501C3’s.  These organizations are able to collect donations, that they use to provide services.  Some nonprofits are Christian organizations.  What that means can wait for another post, but it’s safe to say that most Christian nonprofits want to live out there faith, and show compassion, and mercy to those in need.

Christian nonprofits spend a majority of their time raising money.  It’s a full time job in fact.  They rely solely on donors to fund their organization, and services.  Have you ever wished that those nonprofits would quit asking you for money?  I mean you gave last year.  So why are they asking again.  Are they greedy?

No they aren’t.  I spent 7 years raising money for a pregnancy center, and raising money was the last thing I wanted to do.  I had to overcome fear in order to ask others for money.  What I wanted to be doing was helping people in need.  When I wasn’t training staff, planning our next fundraiser, speaking at churches, completing administrative work, and a hundred other tasks, I was also a counselor.  That was what I really wanted to do.

The reality was we had a rent payment, insurance premium, salaries to pay, electric bills and many other common costs of doing business.  In order to serve more people we needed to do more marketing.  To provide more services we needed materials.  To grow the organization we needed paid staff.

Christian nonprofits don’t want your money, they need it.  They are doing a work for God.  God’s work needs support.  They are helping people like Julie.  Julie is 16 years old.  She is pregnant, no family support, no money, no maternity clothes, and is considering quitting school.  She comes to you to help prepare for the baby, get support, and baby clothes.

Julie’s needs are great.  She needs more support and resources then your organization can provide, but you do the best with what you have.  You think, if only we could provide more education, if only we could provide medical services, if only.  But expanding would mean asking for more money, and oh how that’s the last thing we want to do.

Christian nonprofits are on the front lines.  People walk off the street and into their front door.  In the busyness of our week perhaps we can think of them and the work they are doing.  Perhaps we can give an unsolicited donation, or volunteer our time.  Those organizations need your help, because Julie needs your help.  The job of helping others is not limited to the staff of churches and nonprofits, it’s for all who follow Christ.

I honor everyone working full time in a Christian nonprofit.  You are doing a great work.  We thank you.  I pray that donations continue to come in so that you can do the work God has set before you.

Serving, and savoring God,

Marcy Pedersen



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