God’s Call:  Ignorance is Kind

I was saved at home.  I attended church my entire life, but wasn’t saved until I was in my late 20’s.  I suddenly had a thirst for God’s Word, and to spend time in prayer.  I carved time out of my day to spend time reading, and meditating on God’s Word.  I spent an hour each day with God.  I took notes on the entire Bible.  It became my life.
God moved in my life, and I was changed.  God called me out of the darkness I had lived in and gave me new life.  I am thankful that on that day He did not show me what was to come, and what is still to come in my life.  If He had I would have been less likely to follow Him.  You see the path He had laid out for me was going to be much harder than I could ever imagine.  There were going to be years of trial, years of change, and years of growing.  God was going to cut my heart up, and reform it into His image.
Now Christians can say all kinds of nice cliche’s about this stuff, but those don’t help deal with the pain and reality of what life with God brings.  You see God had to take a great sinner such as myself, and change me.  That change came through pain and suffering.  As I experienced trial God changed me for His glory and my eternal good.
It was hard.
It was life changing.
It humbled me.

God later called me to full time ministry.  Again ignorance was kind.  I had no idea of how God was going to change me through that experience.  He did.  Had he told me what was to come I would have not entered into that journey.  It was a crucible of change in my life.  It was wonderful, and it was hard.  I really think the only reason God called me to full time ministry was to change me.  Yet I know He used me to serve Him, but He was working so hard to mold and change me.  I am still not certain for what purpose.
It was hard.
It was life changing.
It humbled me.
God called me to be a wife.  On the day I said ‘I do’ I had no idea of what was to come.  Ignorance is kind.  I had no idea of how we would hurt each other, how we would almost divorce, how we would go through an excruciating 7 year marriage trial, how we would raise four wonderful children, lose jobs, get new jobs, and mature together.
It is hard.
It is life changing.
It has humbled me.
God called me to be a mother.  When I first looked into the eyes of each of my children, I could only see how beautiful they are.  I would stare at them for hours trying to remember their sweet little faces.  The ignorance I had at that moment was kind.  I could not imagine what it would feel like when they left home.  The pain of watching them suffer.  What it felt like when they would lie, steal, hide things from me, and when it would be time for them to separate themselves from me.  All I could see was their beautiful face, and had the illusion that they would be in my arms forever.
It is hard.
It is life changing.
It humbles me.
I am on a journey.  A journey that started when God saved me, and that will continue until I reach  my heavenly destination.  The journey is hard.  I want to talk about that.  I know your’s is hard too.
I have met many people on my journey, and I want to share their stories.  God is real, alive, and working, and His faithfulness is demonstrated in the stories of our lives.  I want to write about that.  I want to show you how God works, because just maybe He is working in similar ways in your life.
I served as the Executive Director of a pregnancy center for 7 years.  I was blessed to have served in full time ministry.  If we are God’s followers, following His Way, then we are in ministry, or should be.  Ministering to others is hard.  It is life changing, and is a humbling experience.  I want to encourage you and give you resources to support you as you minister to others.
We are enRoute to a heavenly destination, and the journey is hard.  I hope to provide you with encouragement and support to help you on your journey.  Welcome to enRoute.  I pray your are blessed and God is glorified.

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