A New Perspective

A few weeks ago my continuous battle with the never ending life and career transition got the best of me.  Complete and utter confusion set in, and I gave up.  Who am I and what am I doing.  Why am I writing, where is this going, how does this fit in with any known plan for my life? Oh yeah, the plans I had were a figment of my imagination.  There is no plan.

So I deleted Enroute.  Thinking that now wasn’t the time.  That I had another blog I was working on, and two are simply too much.  But you know, that’s who I am.  I live life doing too much.  The thing is there are stories that need told.  They need told in this blog.  They are in me, and if they don’t come out I simply won’t be able to function, and God will not be glorified.

We are complex beings.  I am.  A part of me is all planning and business, and wants to explore creativity.  That’s my first blog.  The other part has been touched by God, has ministry stories to tell, stories of defeat, rejection, and severe trial.  That is what this blog is about.

God what am I to do.  Tell the stories Marcy.  They will accomplish my purpose.

So starting tomorrow, it’s time for those stories.  May God be shown to be faithful, and may He be glorified.

Marcy Pedersen

*yes, to those who know me.  I have continual epiphanies these days.  I have had another.  So life changes, I have learned, and we move on.

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